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My own little personal hell

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1 My own little personal hell on Sun Feb 20, 2011 1:12 am

Kori Ryujin


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2 Re: My own little personal hell on Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:14 am


Koori Ryuujin wrote:-| Tick…tock…tick…tock…so did the metronome faintly sound. A small girl, whose looks and facial expression looked to be childish, dressed in a harlequin and obsidian short skirted armor-like dress with a choker hugging her neck, while a tiny cross lied at the base of her throat.

From her slender digits to her elegant porcelain forearms, she wore satin fishnet gloves. She wore harlequin knee high boots to conceal her tiny, delicate feet. With black silk-like tendrils and lime frosted tips being hit by the leading light, they shone with an impeccable glow.

Reaching into her metallic breastplate, she grabbed and placed on her head, a pair of onyx kitty ears. She placed her hand on her hip as if she was posing and with a high pitched voice and a swaying tail, she breathed “Ready, Nevan?” There stood a woman, opposite of the tiny female, whose tan and tender skin and crimson locks would make men gawking in awe.
With a less than enthusiastic tone and a breeze rolling in her shiny, red follicles, she asked “Again, really?” Then with a long stare into the tiny woman’s golden hued orbs, she felt the fiery passion, burning. “Tch, fine, though, I’m not holding back, Candy.”

At that moment, the female squealed and jumped for joy. Then, as she last leap touched the mother’s sweet embrace, her posture and body broadened. Her once sweet and fiery golden iris turned cold as stone with a slick and sneaky smile; crease her more mature façade, acting as its partner. A symphony of chimes erupted from her windpipe as chuckles; however after only seconds she returned to her once calm and serene self.

With a seductive and mature tone, she demanded rather than asked “Let’s make this good, shall we?” The woman with the crimson locks mimicked the tiny woman’s voice with perfection then replied with a nonchalant tone “Let’s.” A flock of zephyrs washed over the verdant terrain, with the ever standing metronome ticked and tocked. The adolescent mind of the girl, she counted each rhythmic tick.

“5…4…3…2…” and as the last second flew by, she executed a swift yet graceful pirouette in rehearsed fashion and like that, her existence erased. The elder female, glanced about and sensed for any errors in her disappearing act, then with a smug attitude, she bellowed “Using Void, eh?” A sudden shock rushed through her spine as she felt the familiar grasp around her shoulders. With tinkling giggles, rolling off her tongue and a sickly sweet voice, the familiar persona asked “It’s splendiferous, no?” A quiet smirk ran across the elder woman’s face as she spun and threw a seemingly normal punch.

With lightning fast reflexes the little girl, grabbed the balled fist and quickly spun her whole being until she completed a half circle, a move that resembled a Half Moon. Letting her legs fall back onto her opposition’s shoulders she childishly exclaimed “Full Moon, Hun.” showing off her black and green striped panties, without shame whatsoever. To think chivalry and rationality were so far gone in the new age, with innocence slowly circling the precipice of despair and darkness.

The boorishness behavior of the girl with green tipped bangs only intensified as she gasped with ecstasy when she tightened her thighs around the neck of the woman who stood there, dumbfounded. “Having a bit too much fun are, we?” The fiery haired woman asked with a disgusted tone and a twitch brow.

A large, sinister smile appeared across the frame of the irrational Candy, then with a jovial laugh she answered with her seductive voice “What’s wrong with having a little fun every now and again?” With a slight toss of her single strand of crimson hair, the dumbfounded and annoyed woman stood there absolutely blown away, as if she was recovering from an aneurism from sheer stupidity.

Another tinkling symphony of giggles before she decided to use the larger woman’s weight against them, twisting and writhing about from side to side with legs still locked tightly around the throat of her prey, she slammed the body and mind of the elder into the terra. Small droplets of crimson life seeped into the course soil, masked by her cherry follicles.

A sudden power arose in the elder woman, the terrain around them crushed and small debris rose as static flowed around her like water following a planned course, with that blow to the head, something snapped. As she rose onto the balls of her feet, a vociferous cackle erupted from her diaphragm. What was going on? What happened? The answer, she was on riding a cloud of insanity and decadence.

Twisting her head to the side, a wide and psychotic smile gleamed in the brilliant radiance of the glowing star. Debauchery and lunacy coursed through the woman’s veins along with small hints of melancholic attitude eating away at her soul, with snapping joints.

Becoming conscious of the situation at hand, Candy’s whole form adjusted. Her stance and reactions became relaxed and vibrant, as while her golden irises came back center stage with strength, courage, and resilience acting as the backbone. Scraping her façade with her bare nails, Nevan, fixed her distraught vision upon the tiny female that stood before her with the occasional demented chortles and cackles.

Now, grazing the earthen topography with blood-reddened digits and static still rushing around her form, she sprang off with digits armed and curled. Candy’s psychological faculties began to mesh together like gears in a grandfather clock; with vision sharpened she anticipated the assault pattern. As Nevan came in for the kill, the small female weaved and sidled around the arched digits.

A single force filled back slap from Nevan into the frame of the little Candycane sent her hurdling into the nearest boulder. After making a sizeable imprint in the stone she fell coughing and hacking as random scars and bruises wove a tapestry over her body, raising her left hand while her right eye swelled as she laid on the terrain huffing and wheezing, with a slow turn of her hand and lift of her middle appendage as she half-heartedly laughed to herself, thinking “Bitch move…bitch move…”

The crazed Nevan stood there ogling at the tiny digit and later started the guffawing. Can this be it? Will this be the end of Candy? Also, will Nevan never regain consciousness? “No” she said, as if she was answering the audience’s questions. Onyx bangs foreshadowed her vision as the flipped finger migrated to the peak of her cranium, snatching down the headband that peculiarly sat in that one spot.

Constricting her grip around it, the pair of kitty ears soon met their fate as the shattered remnants fell to the Mother. The spark that resided in the little girl became more than just a flame, but a wildfire. A power that rivaled the crazed woman before her, a small smirk appeared with a sharp crimson light gleaming from her left socket as she lifted her head.

Bright golden rays of light enveloped her outline as silk like tendrils draped down to shoulder length. The pressure she emitted compressed the Mother more than Nevan did. This is it, as the story reaches its climax secret malicious powers are revealed from the girl known as Candycane. With the metronome still alive, the women faced each other.

One crazed and unfeeling, the other peeved off and serious. Candy’s form literally rose to the occasion by floating into the atmos as if gravity itself was at her control; with a slight flip of her hair another smart-alecky smirk ran across her fascia. Nevan with insanity running amuck within her mental facilities stood, biting on her limbs and nails from anticipation.

One glance at the woman biting at her flesh then with a packet of gusts wafting through the dilapidated fields, and with one movement of her body she vanished again. Can this be “Void” again? The move that neglected the laws of time and space, we’ll just see won’t we? The elder female gazed about, searching from every side and there she was beneath her.

No hole of vacant space where she could egress from. The feeling of being annoyed danced across the façade of Nevan, as she knew Candy was using more of latent abilities. The supremacy over gravity an element that shouldn’t be controlled by meager mundane humans, oh what has the world come to when girls with slight hints of schizophrenia and a bit of a mental case use superhuman powers?

A cracked ringed in Candy’s wrists as she drew her fists back with an inhale of air, filling her lungs. Then, let it rip with a flurry rapid burst of punches like a Gatling gun. Then, as she drew back her limb again the soul she emitted was so powerful her soul wavelength actually took a form of vapors spiraling into her balled fist. The same glistening crimson hued orbs revealed themselves in more of a “This will end it all” shade.

Could this one final blow end it? With one thrust forward to the jowl of Nevan added with a stylish twist, a grunt breathed as the uppercut made contact. Her form soon returned to the Mother’s embrace, with the persona known as Nevan laying in an indent of her figure. Haggard breathes and sore muscles soon overcame Candy when she fell to the terra with a “thud.”

She lied there trying to relax and release the tension riddled throughout her body. A thunderous wave of cackles and chortles ruptured from the woman who resided within her figure. A shock like no other flooded through her body as she struggled to salvage what was left of her energy to just stand and regain her stature.

Venetian red locks frolicked with the flock of zephyrs again as the woman casually strolled over to the crippled girl with tattered and raggedy clothes. One glance at the small female whose deplorable form disgusted her to the point of vomiting with orbs filled with an arsenic hue. Clutching the whimpering and flinching Candy by the breastplate, a slow but motherly smile beamed.

“It seems you win this time, Candy. That now makes it 86445 losses, 0 draws, and now 4 wins. Congratulations.” A twitch in her eye as the girl whose golden irises had returned to their brilliant glow, “I… have…a strong detestation for you at this moment. Flicking the wrist of the woman who clutched her by the breastplate she swiftly dropped to the earthen dilapidated terrain, with a bound.

Tick…tock…tick…tock so the metronome still resonated, as the pendulum moved from side to side back and forth the red haired woman and the intolerable girl stared at it with wondering orbs. Taking hold of the head, they tinkered, toyed, and played with the mechanism. Candycane, taking hold of the mechanism again and flung it across the field being bored with it as she usually do with most things.

With one glance and a smile at each other they walked off into the sunset. What a cliché ending don’t you agree, folks? Raising her fist into the air, she simply punched Candy in the jowl making her skid along the coarse terrain. Oh…well that was out of the blue. Let me reiterate. What ludicrous ending don’t you agree, my friends? The tale of a fiery haired woman and an irrational idiot, this ends it…until next time.

I fixed it a little so it wouldn't seem squished. :U

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3 Re: My own little personal hell on Sun Feb 20, 2011 2:02 pm


the fact that its red just makes me wanna GRRRRRRR...

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4 Re: My own little personal hell on Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:51 pm

Kori Ryujin

As soon as morning hit, the daily alarm of baby canaries
calling for their mother sounded. When the radiance of that glowing fire ball
intruded into the room of this young girl, it began. With a grunt as she tried
to hide her face from the burning star, she could hardly block out the sound of
the blonde nuisances. “Why, oh why must this day begin like this?” asked the
girl who just wanted to sleep.

As she rose out of
her Elizabethan fashioned divan with her sterling platinum follicles in tufts, she
let out a loud groan. Thunk…thunk…thunk, the sound of slow and heavy feet
echoed in the halls of her home. Trailing each slender digit against the wall
as if to keep her body balanced, like a turtle that was fed Ritalin, she slowly
made her way to the bathroom. Fumbling around with the buttons on her evening
gown, the dress accordingly lost slack and fell to the floor with a soft thud.

Tossing the spare
change of clothes she had carried with her to cold tile floor, not caring where
they landed, she somewhat leaped into the tub and turned the nozzles that
triggered the shower. As the water ran across her glistening, caramel colored
skin, her dark honey optical glazed over, with a loud thud, her face smeared on
the steam covered glass. What in the name of Czechoslovakia happened? Did she
faint from some unknown illness? Or some medical condition she had since

A growl pierced
through the sound of the trickling water from the showerhead. What is this
horrible beast that shows its head at a time like this? Sad to say…that beast
was the heroine herself, falling asleep in such a seemingly uncomfortable
position. The pulsing water dripped off her succulent body when she sooner or
later realized she had fallen asleep…yet again. One hesitate foot appeared from
behind curtain of steam onto the tile floor.

Finally, exiting
from the tub itself, she scanned the room for the spare change of clothes that
she brought with her. After every other
glance about, she spotted the carelessly tossed clothing in a small corner. She
gripped the pair of pink panties and started to pull them apart. Was this to
test the elasticity or was this from sheer boredom? Knowing her…most likely
from sheer utter boredom.

As she slid the pair
of undies past her slim, supple thighs, there was a tattoo of some sort. From every angle, it was animal tracks. A
birthmark, maybe? Another yawn passed through her throat as she fastened the
bra around her ripe chest. Water trickled from her long sterling bangs as she
re-entered her room. The little babies were still singing when she started to
drape herself in a separate evening gown.
A scowl crossed her face as she stamped towards the window.

the pane upwards, a growl then a frenzy of incoherent words were shouted at the
little birdies. Silence….then a thud when the window was let down again. Stamping back to her bed, triumphant, she
jumped under the blankets with a beaming smile on her face. This is the day and
life of Setsuna Sumiko in the Sumiko residence. When we turn back towards the
little golden beauties, they were no longer there, but in their stead, white
doves sat there shaking.

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5 Re: My own little personal hell on Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:37 am


honestly, you never fail to surprise me oh geez. it is GOOD, but not much action yet D:

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6 A whole new world (Pedo Version) on Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:36 am

Kori Ryujin

I can show you the world
Loli's, Sailors, and magical girls
Tell me Sekai, now when did
you last let your heart decide?

I can open your eyes
Take you shoujo by shoujo
Over, sideways, and under
on a magic pedo ride

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
or she needs to grow
Or say we're only dreaming

A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I'm in a whole new world for pedo's

Now I'm in a whole new world with loli's

Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feelings
Soaring, tumbling, cartwheeling
Through a pedo's world so high
A whole new world

(Don't you DARE close your eyes)

A hundred million things to see

(Hold your breath, it gets better)

I'm like a shooting star
I've come so far
I won't go back to
where I used to be

Kori: A whole new world
Sekai: Every turn a surprise
Kori: With new horizons to pursue
Sekai: Every moment she gets wetter

I'll chase them anywhere
There's no time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you

A whole new world (A whole new world)
That's where we'll be (That's where we'll be)

Kori: A thrilling chase

Sekai: A wondrous place

Both: For you and we

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7 Only You on Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:35 pm

Kori Ryujin

Alright, people. This "poem" I written was pretty much based off a whim, sorry if it's a bit confusing. Here it goes.

From that time we met, it was like a dream come true. The moment I gazed into those piercing dark eyes, they spoke with a tone of voice nothing could silence, "Resistance, mischief, cold as ice..." As the weeks gone by those eyes still burned of adolescence, but bit by bit, your faith was put into me. The weeks became months and we were both wiser to each other. When I came home from school, we played nonstop like an endless dream. On those rainy and sad days, you were there to comfort me with your pillowy, soft, jet black yet "Smokey" hair.

To be there for each other like brothers, to keep our distance like cousins, to discipline one another as Father and Son, and to remain tight as friends should. "Trust, passion, gentle as a roaring flame..." your eyes sang with the same voice in opposition to what was said years back. When that day of hell came, so quick and fast like as bullet to the brain, but with the pain that will always remain, only you were there to console me through Mother's cries and Father's cantankerous rants and dissonance of cusses. Again, your "Smokey" jet lack hair became a haven for me once again, as I bawled my eyes out. I had thought the worse was over, but I was wrong...

[i]When father had gone to work, my sister came in a moving truck. As I sat on the couch in mere silence, you sat next to me and gave me a small kiss. When it was afternoon, we had parted ways. Every week, I came to see you, wishing things could have gone back to those joyous days, when we and your brothers all played. A "German Emperor" the eldest of your four, always kind and loving. The ecstatic fool who always need constant watch, with his blue nose, and that soft, white tipped tail and loveable personality. Let's not forget the talker, who was pretty much a womanizer. Small, stout, white like snow. So many times how I wanted to put a shock to his system with a little collar.

[i]Then, that dreaded day came, the second blackest day in my life. Standing there, taken aback, looking at the unmoving mass on the blood-stained floor, with fish eyes. I felt my whole world finally crash, no longer able to cry, I ran and didn't look back. Soon after, even your brothers left me through no fault of their own. Separated and torn, I went on with my life with your second eldest brother, who still kinda annoyed me. As I slept one night, I finally got to see you and an old feline friend. I could only guess, what you wanted to say "Good-bye..." As I saw you two walk beyond that bright door, I woke with a cascading tear, a feeling of relief washed over me, knowing you still watched over me with those piercing dark eyes. [i]

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