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Debate About Posting

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1 Debate About Posting on Sun Nov 21, 2010 10:16 pm


I have acknowledge that some of you might think that something as simple as posting is fruitless. I also understand that many of you may not want to spend precious time posting. Regardless, i want to remind everyone that guild forum is made for the benefits of guildies. It was created so that existing and new guildies can bond and get to know one another better. With an active forum, it can also better regulate guild event and updates. Having a guild forum have been successful for many other guilds, hence they are able to have a more unified and stable guild. That is why i believe that having a active forum can also benefit us. Although I encourage all of you to post occasionally, i cannot force anyone against their will. However, i do hope that through our forum, guildies will become more active and engaging.

So to end this, i want to announce that it is not mandatory to post. But i do want guildies to try and become active both in game and on forum.



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2 Just a thought on Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:27 pm

I know how frustrating it can be for no one to use the guild forums. However, looking at it from a member's point of view, you have to understand that most guildies will not benefit from this forum unless something is aimed directly toward them. IE: Vly needs friend-making skill-points and therefore Vly joined the forum in hopes that he will become more friendly with his fellow guildies.

As I've been looking around the forum today (during class) I noticed Ele's production posts. I like them. They benefit me, and so I will tell Ele that I'll join her campaign. However, I feel that many other guildies may not have anything on here that strikes importance to them. But Idk what you can do to make the forums more active. Being pessimistic, I believe that there is a percentage of members that just won't ever get on here just because. But, going for optimistic exp, I suggest asking in guild chat about things people would like to have on the forum, though I bet you've guys have tried that for a while. Maybe go even as far as mass-noting everyone in game.

Having contests, auctions, lottery's, and other goodies is always fun~

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