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Recruit Requirements

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1 Recruit Requirements on Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:36 pm


For New guildies:

Guild Rules are as follows:
1 ) We are currently recruiting players who are well familiar with the game.

2 ) We despise guild hoppers, reason is players tend to leave for more populated guilds after they have been trained in Celestic.

3 ) Be considerate and friendly to fellow guild members. Any form of harassment that may discomfort guildies will be warned twice and removed on the third without notice.

4 ) We don't want any unnecessary drama inside the guild, so lets keep it at minimum.

5 ) Be active, players who do not log on for more then 5 weeks without a proper notification will be booted without notice.

6 ) Camping your own guildies randomly (if not for entertainment), will be kicked after the third occurrence

7 ) Use the guild chat wisely, random excessive spams will not be tolerated.

8 ) Don't scam your own guildies, Karma is a bish and u will be removed.

9 ) Use forums for your own benefits, inappropriate discussions with be taken out.

Joining Requirements/ Side notes
1a ) Each new applicant will be expected to submit a guild application. Application is for reference and acknowledgement only, but it is recommended that applicants take our applications seriously. Failure to do so will be considered as unable to meet the requirements.

1b ) Only Referred applicants may skip the forum application process for an in game interview. Two referrals are needed from two existing senior members for this process to be valid.

2 ) We welcome Returning members. However, we also expect more from returning members. In order to show us your dedication as a returning member, you must show us your dedication. Returning members must fill out forum applications unless told otherwise.

3 If you are below the age of 15 (unless with the apporval from 4 or more existing senior members), you will most likely not be accepted unless you can show your maturity/immaturity level through the guild application.

Reminder: This section is subjected to change

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