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Skyflakes's Application

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1 Skyflakes's Application on Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:43 pm


Total level:55
Class/battle style:Warrior/Ranger

1a ) What motivated you to join the Celestic guild?
Cause of my friends there and how friendly it is

1b ) What were your reasons for leaving Celestic? (For returning members only)

2 ) What do you hope to achieve from Celestic?
I hope to achieve stronger skills and meet more people I haven't seen

3a ) What guilds were you in previously? (List all)

3b ) What were your reasons for leaving each guild?

4 ) How well do you get along with other players?
I get along VERY well unless they are cocky, mean.. etc...

5 ) How do you feel about "noobs" and "Pros"?
Noobs aren't very different from pros.. we all start out as noobs and eventually turn out as pros.

6 ) How would you react to a dungeon invitation that doesn't necessarily benefit you?
I wouldn't really go since I would DIE alot..+ Would kinda think the people that I am running with think I'm leeching.

7 ) If a guildie were to get camped by well recognised and respected mabi players, what would you do?
I would just kill them back of course! Idc if they're recognized!! 3:<

8 ) How active are you in game?
I usually play for 3~8 hours.. more or less

9 ) What can you offer to our guild?
My fake asian accent on skype calls.

10 ) Tell us something interesting about yourself
I use to play saxophone very well and am a good artist Smile I can show you my stewie picture i drew..if i could find my camera and usb cord..

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2 Re: Skyflakes's Application on Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:11 am


gosh sany -___- WHAT TIS THIS? BOREDOM??

I reject because your already in this daym guild >>

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3 Re: Skyflakes's Application on Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:52 pm



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