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Kenkotstu's Application

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1 Kenkotstu's Application on Sun May 01, 2011 1:13 am

Gender: M
Total level:917+ May Be Higher.
Class/battle style:Melee/Range.

1a ) What motivated you to join the Celestic guild?
Looks like its a pretty fun guild from my observance.

1b ) What were your reasons for leaving Celestic? (For returning members only)

2 ) What do you hope to achieve from Celestic? Making new friends and learning more Combat skills from hopefully one of the best.

3a ) What guilds were you in previously? (List all)

3b ) What were your reasons for leaving each guild?
Guild leader let the guild expire on us, and he never returned to lazyness, and pretty soon everyone left the guild.

4 ) How well do you get along with other players?
I tend to ignore Trolls, dont really say much to anyone.

5 ) How do you feel about "noobs" and "Pros"?
I have no feelings about noobs, they'll learn skills sooner or later,Pros, i try to ignore them i dont really consider anyone a pro.

6 ) How would you react to a dungeon invitation that doesn't necessarily benefit you? If im able to help, ill do my best.

7 ) If a guildie were to get camped by well recognised and respected mabi players, what would you do? I'd log i dont have time for the camping games.

8 ) How active are you in game? I log in alot.

9 ) What can you offer to our guild? Friendship

10 ) Tell us something interesting about yourself.
Well, i think what alot of people will notice about me is that a play alot of console game Xbox 360, and more, yes im a gamer, im age 20 will be 21 in november, have questions ask them ill tell you.

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2 Re: Kenkotstu's Application on Sun May 01, 2011 8:54 pm


Your app seems a little short to me, but overall I think you would be a good addition to our guild, why do you want to join celestic, besides "it looks like fun"? Basically every application has that. Razz

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3 Re: Kenkotstu's Application on Sun May 01, 2011 11:27 pm

You mentioned that you don't say much to anyone. In Celestic we enjoy when our members are close and active on guild chat. Would this not saying much be carried through to guild chat or would you make an attempt to become more sociable with other members of the guild?

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4 Re: Kenkotstu's Application on Mon May 02, 2011 1:04 am


Not to be frank but, your app doesn't necessarily appeal to me. I see that you came from cloaks guild, which I heard was a people friendly guild. Also your lack of enthusiasm makes me wonder how do you intend of making friends if 1) your app doesnt tell us much 2) you hardly talk...

I mean our guild is very open with evch other. In order for the relationship to build, your going to haVe to put urself out there, and im just womdering if you will be willing.

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5 Re: Kenkotstu's Application on Thu May 05, 2011 7:04 pm


If Kenkotsu does not respond within 3 days thread will be locked tyvm.

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